Celeste Prize

The Celeste Prize is an acknowledgement that AGIT grants to an active member of the association who, during the current term, has stood out in academic or professional excellency, and/or their contribution to society.


July 1st to June 30th

Call for proposals:

March 30th to June 30th of every year
Proposals evaluation: June 30th to September 30th of each year


Three judges will be called upon by the Board of Directors and approved during the Regular Annual General Assembly.

The judges will be:

  • One honorary member
  • One member of the Board of Directors
  • One active member suggested during the assembly

Prize recipients:

Any active member of AGIT (professional or student) may be elected as the Celeste prize winner.


Academic excellency

 –   For translators:

A translation with a minimum of 100 words and maximum of 500 will be required. The document will be accompanied by the resume of the candidate.

–    For interpreters:

A recording of an interpretation will be required, along with a letter endorsing him/her for excellent and professional performace during the interpreting session. This letter will inform of the topic, category, duration, and difficulty level of the interpretation. The resume of the candidate will need to be attached to the letter.

Contribution to society:

Three active members of AGIT will submit a proposal based on the candidate, who during the time of the competition, has played an excellent role, benefitting AGIT and/or the community.



The name of the contest has not been randomly chosen. It pays homage to Celeste Rocío Morales, a distinguished member of AGIT for a good number of years, who was the first person to draft a proposal for a bill to update the current law, with the purpose of supporting the union and recognizing its contribution to our country.

She obtained a Law Degree from the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, and worked as a certified sworn translator and interpreter for several different languages. She had a refined knowledge of literature, and her professionalism, her grounded ethics, and her determination to succeed made her stand out from the group, granting her a very special place in AGIT’s golden pages.
The recipient of the Celeste Prize will not only be granted financial acknowledgement, but the recognition of its members.