Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The management of the association is the resposibility of the Board of Directors of AGIT. The board has eight members, who are are elected during the Regular Annual General Assembly, which is usually held in March.

Article number 20 “Of the Board of Directors” of AGIT’s statutes approved January 17th of 1973, regarding entry number 4 of article number 189 of the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, establishes the following:

“…The members of the Board of Directors can be reelected indefinitely. The Board of Directors is renewable by half each year:

First year: President, Secretary, Official 2, Deputy Official 1.
Second year: Treasurer, Official 1, Deputy Officials 2 and 3.


Board of Directors elected at the Regular Annual General Assembly in March of 2017.

President: Alejandra Vanessa Hernández Sandoval
Secretary: Judith Muñoz de Puente
Treasurer: Silvia Patricia Ovalle de Ardón
Official 1: Diana L Arango T
Official 2: Ingrid Montes de Oca
Deputy Official 1: Mayra Gerónimo de Cedeño
Deputy Official 2: Carolyn Marie Minera Robinson
Honorary Consultant: Ernesto Falla Sánchez
Honorary Consultant: Ana Isabel Herrerías
Honorary Consultant: Cristina Chocano