• “AGITación”, our weekly contribution

An educational or informational bulletin or announcement sent weekly to all associates via email, including employment opportunities, ads, memos, curious facts, and more.


  • References

References for translation and interpretation projects that AGIT provides to commercial institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, at national and international levels.


  • Professional training

SEMAGIT is our annual seminar held in September in celebration of International Translator’s Day. AGIT also holds conferences throughout the year with the purpose of keeping associates up to date and promoting enrichment through the sharing of experiences. Furthermore, the PCC -Continuous Learning Program- has been created to provide specific training and knowledge in different subjects.


  • Translator’s official stamp

One of the most important benefits is having access to a tangible element with which the active members can accredit their professional work. The translator’s stamp is a quality label. Price: Q2.00 each.


  •  Website

Contains the list of members and their contact information, as well as general information of AGIT.