Guatemalan Association of Interpreters and Translators – AGIT

What is AGIT?

The Guatemalan Association of Interpreters and Translators -AGIT- is a non-profit, apolitical, professional association that was formed over forty years ago stemming from a concern from translators and interpreters with vast experience.

What does AGIT do?

Its objective is to defend the legal, economic, moral, and social rights of interpreters and translators in Guatemala. Furthermore, it facilitates relationships among these professionals and the association, and those of the association with organizations that are dedicated to similar activities in other countries.

Who are AGIT’s members?

AGIT’s members are dedicated to translating and interpreting on a regular basis, be it as freelancers, officials or employees. Their preparation and experience guarantee high-quality professional work.

Who can be a member?

To be a member of AGIT, the candidate must either be a certified sworn translator or able to prove at least five (5) years of experience as a translator and/or interpreter. The candidate will also require endorsement and recommendation from three (3) active members of AGIT.